Friday, March 18, 2016

Custom phone car mount

I was over at microcenter a couple weeks ago and picked up a generic phone mount for my truck. It mounts in the vent and has a nice ball joint for adjusting. Similar to this:

Perfect, I thought. Then I installed it and headed down the road...

One problem, while the vent may seem like an attractive mount point, what happens when you have a vent that pivots? With every turn your phone flings to the right or left. I was about to return it but then remembered I have a buddy with a 3d printer =D

30 minutes later, with the help of SketchUp, I designed this: (.stl file)

It's a simple block with two screw holes for mounting and a hole to receive the peg end of the ball joint. My buddy recommended separating the parts to reduce the amount of scaffolding needed to print the parts. A bit of acetone on the peg, insert that into the block, and the parts will naturally fuse together.

I will screw this into a useless pocket in my truck's dashboard and the phone mount will secure nicely.

Lastly, I will run a usb cable power supply, hard wired, out of a small hole in the bottom of that pocket, allowing for a convenient power supply for my device.

I'll update with pictures once the install is complete!

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