Monday, March 14, 2016

First go with AliExpress

So in search of some components for some arduino/rasp-pi hacking, I was getting frustrated with cost of some of the most basic components. I should not have to spend $10-15 on a simple Temperature & Humidity sensor! Sadly, that is one of the cheaper components.
Humidity and Temperature Sensor - RHT03

After some digging, I stumbled upon AliExpress!

They are basically the Amazon of China. Loads of great deals on about anything you can think of... but this is especially true of electronic components. That sensor alone, also known as a DHT22, is priced at a full 1/4 of the US based outlets (that's $2.50 if you don't want to do the math)!

And that's not all! They also have dozens of component kits on the seriously cheap, like this 37 sensor kit for just over $12! Or how about 600 misc. resistors for $2.60!

I feel like a kid in a penny candy store!!!

Here's the best part, most of these components come with free shipping!

So what's the catch? Can you have your cake and eat it too? Is this all a bit scam?

The great new is, like amazon, this site is made up of hundreds of sellers, each trying to make a living, and their reputation will make or break their AliExpress store. On top of this, AliExpress seems to have some great dispute tools. In fact, they even hold your payment from the seller until after you have indicated that you have received your order and are satisfied with it!

The downsides? It's all being shipped from China, so unless you want to pay boatloads on shipping, you are not going to enjoy the same second day delivery that Amazon Prime has spoiled us with! We'll see how long things end up taking, so far, 5 of my 7 orders have shipped within 2 days of ordering. They still have to travel over the ocean and through our post office. At these crazy low prices though, they are totally worth the extra wait!

What can I say??? Crazy cheap prices! Free shipping! Excited to make something with my 7 year old!

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